About Us


EyeC GmbH is a company focussed exclusively on producing solutions to ensure the accuracy and quality of printed packaging materials. We work with you, the customer, to supply the right product and solution to meet your needs. We have products for checking text and graphics on labels, leaflets, folding cartons, cans, bottles and tubes.  Whether you are an artwork studio, printer or a company performing checks of incoming packaging materials, our systems help you to save time, reduce scrap and improve the quality of your products and enhance your reputation with your customers. We provide print inspection and proofing systems that cover the whole print cycle from artwork through pre-press, plate making, press setup, in line inspection, finishing and incoming materials inspection. In less than 10 years we have grown from a three person start-up to a flourishing organisation with 30+ staff supporting our customers and distributors worldwide. We have experienced substantial growth rates and as of 2014 we have more than 1,000 systems installed in print shops, packaging departments of pharmaceutical, branded goods and food companies, artwork studios and pre-press companies. How have we achieved this? By listening to you, the customer, and developing systems that you asked for. We always welcome your input so that we can continue to meet the needs of the industry. EyeC has distributors in every major country in the world. Providing local sales and post sales support.

We put a lot of attention on training our staff and customers to ensure you get the most out of your acquisition. Our products have been developed in close cooperation with actual users with a strong emphasis on reliability, ease of use and conformance to applicable ISO, GMP, GAMP, and CFR regulations.

We also supply systems for incoming quality control for pharmaceutical packaging and branded goods manufacturers performing QC control on patient leaflets, folding cartons, labels, foils, cans and tubes. Applications include inspecting print on packaging for pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices, branded goods

The Proofiler Graphic checks artwork files typically a repro’d print ready file against the customer approved proof.

The Proofiler Content combines checking live text, graphics, Braille and barcodes in an artwork into a single examination. If adding or changing text in a  revision causes the text to reflow, a graphical comparison is overwhelmed with deviations but Proofiler Content has no such issues.

The Proofiler includes a scanner for comparing the printed sheet against the customer signed proof. Our scanners range from A4 to A0 and beyond.

The ProofRunner is mounted on a press, rewinder, slitter or folder gluer to perform 100% inline inspection of printed packaging materials.

EyeC History

2003   Introduction of the EyeC Proofiler 400 off line print inspection system

2004   Development and installations of inspection Systems for cartons and labels

2005   Introduction of the EyeC Proofiler Braille for checking position and accuracy of Braille dots on pharmaceutical packaging. Introduction of the EyeC Proofiler 700 (with B2 scanner) for patient information leaflets, barcode inspection and verification.

2006   moved to larger premises. Launch of the EyeC ProofRunner inline print inspection system for narrow web presses and rewinders.

2007   100th system installed. Cigarette warning text control tool and the colour distance tools released.

2008   Extension of the Barcode testing to RSS and Data Matrix. Launch of the EyeC ProofRoller for inspecting print on tubes and cans

2009   moved to larger premises

2010 400th system installed. Introduction of the ProofRunner Wide for inspecting flexible packaging. Introduction of Carton Inspector which checks print on folding cartons after cut and crease. Won major contract to supply the Paragon Group with inline and offline inspection systems

2011 500th system installed

2012 600th and 700th system installed. Released ProofRunner inspection system integrated into Heidelberg Diana Folder Gluer. Released inline inspection system integrated into KBA sheet fed press. Won major contract to supply sheet inspection systems to Chesapeake Pharmaceutical Packaging sites

2014 Installed 1000th system

2015 EyeC partner with ManRoland to provide OEM and retrofit solutions to ManRoland presses.

2016 EyeC GmbH develop Folder Gluer Pre-Feeder solution as well as ProofRunner Hi-Light which enables correct detection of foiling errors and embossing.