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Document Comparison

How can you guarantee that the requested changes in the artwork, and only those, were correctly made? How can you easily compare the content of two text areas, regardless of changes in disposition and style? The Content Compare application is an automated proofreading tool for professional electronic comparison of artwork files. The comparison can be run in two modes, suitable for different purposes. The Text Compare is a text verification tool that compares text between two files regardless of disposition and style. This can be used in a variety of applications e.g. pharmaceutical – verifying text on patient information leaflets between manuscript and different versions, and FMCG – comparing text and graphics between different versions of labels. For food manufacturers the Pack Copy can be compared to the final artwork file and the printed labels can be checked against the approved artwork using the Proofiler™ . The Graphic Compare does a pixel based comparison to detect graphic differences. The results of the comparison are displayed on screen and summarized in a printable report. Comparison can be made between live text files, and live text to outline files (RIP’d) files.

Content Compare

Content Compare is a complete and user friendly text and graphics verification system that electronically compares original documents with modified and revised versions of the same file. The system significantly saves labour time by eliminating the need for hardcopy proofreading control, and it reduces errors. The application is a browser based Electronic Record Management system, which is easily accessed and executed from Internet Explorer or Mozilla for MAC’s. In addition, the Electronic Signature and Record Keeping feature significantly reduces the risk of signature fraud and report miss-filing.

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Text Compare

The Text Comparison scrutinizes streams of text without considerations as to style, size or semblance. The verification of the text is not affected by reflow of the text if a font is changed or the text is moved to add for example a promotional label. It is guaranteed to find every difference between two documents. The comparison can be carried out word by word or character by character. Its revolutionary Language Independent feature enables the comparison of texts written in pictorial languages (such as Japanese and Chinese) or in right to left languages (such as Arabic and Hebrew). The application can also execute the comparison of texts that contain multiple languages on the same page. Its innovative Adobe Annotations Compare feature detects deviations between annotations (such as “Sticky Note”) and the main text. It likewise verifies that changes to the original text, suggested in the annotations, are correctly inserted in the revised version of the document.

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Manuscript Compare

Especially useful to the pharmaceutical industry where the original brief is a Word, Excel or XML file containing the essential text to be incorporated on a label or carton. The graphics department may be internal or external but the RA and QC have to be sure that all legal text is present and correct. The challenge is to verify this between the very different format and layout of the text in the two documents. This is no problem for Manuscript Compare and as with all Content Compare tools a report is produced documenting the procedure with ER and ES compliance to Part 11.

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Content Compare is an electronic file proofing system that guarantees to find any difference in text content or attributes between two documents.