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EyeC print inspection – the safer way

Strict controls on the information that is printed on food and drink packaging put responsibilities on food suppliers that are similar to pharmaceutical companies. The food company however is likely to deal with far more products and more frequent changes to the printed information on the packaging. Also the typical supply chain is longer and needs to move faster making the potential for error higher than in other industries. Also the penalties for errors can be very high.

(The Food Information for Consumers (FIC) or Food Information Regulations (FIR) 2013 is the biggest change in food labelling regulations for several years. For most food producers it means changing the artwork on thousands of labels by the end of 2013. EyeC’s artwork proofing systems can greatly reduce the time needed to make these changes and ensure they comply with these new rules on food labelling.)

Wrong or missing nutrition information, statutory warning (allergens, genetic modification etc), storing, cooking information can lead to product withdrawals and even recalls, both being very expensive for the supplier in costs and reputation. EyeC products can help by automatically checking both artwork and printed materials at the artwork stage, pre-press, press make ready and monitor quality during the print run. For the printer there are two complementary but compatible methods of print inspection; we refer to these as offline and inline.

An offline print inspection system checks samples of the printed label, sleeve, flexible film or carton and is mainly intended as an aid to press make ready or periodic QC check. A complete repeat of labels, film or cartons is scanned into the system and all items in the repeat are compared to the customer proof. Any deviations found are clearly shown on the screen so the operator can decide if a deviation is acceptable or is a print error and he needs to make changes to the press set up. In this way he can be 100% sure that the correct plates are mounted, right colour inks have been loaded and there is no damage to any part of the plates. For offline print inspection EyeC offers the Proofiler range of products. The Proofiler can be used for label inspection, carton inspection, sleeve or flexible film. For more information on offline inspection for food printers click here. Don’t delay let us advise you on the various ways of saving time, reducing waste material and improving quality by calling +44(0)118 983 3347 or email us.

Our inline print inspection system continuously monitors any changes to print quality during the production process. Our inline print inspection system can be mounted on a press, rewinder/slitter or finishing machine such as a coater. On a printing press our system shows the operator instantly of colour changes, registration errors, filled in characters or hickies. This allows the operator to correct the problem before too much material has been printed. On a rewinder when an error is detected the run can be stopped at the splice station to allow the offending material to be removed or replaced. On a folder- gluer the offending carton or sleeve can be removed at the reject station. Or on a high speed slitting machine such as for flexible materials the operator is notified of any continuous defects.

Label Inspection

Flexible film Inspection

Sleeve or carton inspection

In short using an EyeC Proofiler or ProofRunner enables you to improve the quality of print on your packaging material, saves time and reduces waste material.

For more information on inline print inspection please click here. Why not call us to find out how you can improve quality of your printed packaging, save time and reduce waste material on +44 (0)118 983 3347 or email us.


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