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Checking printed text is important for all types of packaging but proofing text for pharmaceutical packaging is essential. Whether you are a printer of leaflets, labels, folding cartons, foil, tubes or cans, using a print inspection system (comparator) will be a great asset in assuring you deliver to your customer exactly what was ordered and greatly reduces the chances of having rejects. Electronic Verification helps you improve quality, save time and reduce waste materials by automatically comparing text and graphics on the artwork and physical packaging materials e.g. cartons, labels, patient leaflets. For the printer there are two complementary but compatible methods of print inspection; we refer to these as offline and inline.


For offline print inspection EyeC offers the Proofiler range of products. Our offline electronic verification, print inspection system checks samples of the printed label, folding carton, PIL etc and is mainly intended as an aid to press make ready. A complete repeat of labels or a sheet of cartons or leaflets is scanned into the system and all items in the repeat are compared to the customer proof. Any deviations found are clearly shown on the screen so the operator can decide if the deviation is acceptable or whether he needs to make changes to the press set up. In this way he can be sure that the correct plates are mounted, right colour inks have been loaded and there is no damage to any part of the plates. Our offline print inspection system can also be used for random QC checks.  For more information on electronic verification or offline print inspection of pharmaceutical packaging or why not give us a call on +44 (0)118 983 3347 or email us.

Our inline print inspection system monitors any changes to print quality during the production process. Our inline print inspection system can be mounted on a press, rewinder or finishing machine such as a coater. On a printing press our system shows the operator instantly colour changes, registration errors, filled in characters or hickies. This allows the operator to correct the problem before too much material has been printed. With camera inspection on a rewinder or finishing machine when an error is detected the run can be stopped at the splice station to allow the offending material to be removed or replaced.

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Inline Label Inspection

Inline Folding carton Inspection

Inline PIL (Leaflet) Inspection

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