EyeC has developed a range of products to help improve the quality of printed packaging materials especially for such markets as pharmaceutical and healthcare, cosmetics, branded goods, food and drink packaging, bank notes and postage stamps. We address the needs of the printing company (to reduce waste, improve efficiency, prevent mix-ups and cut the cost of quality) and the customer of the printer to improve efficiency at incoming packaging materials control to ensure that only defect free material is released to production.

For incoming quality checks, our main product is the Proofiler™ off-line print proofing system. This consists of a PC, a high-speed, high-resolution A3 desk-top scanner and our Proofiler software. The user simply scans in the sample to be examined, loads a signed-off proof (PDF or stored image) and allows the system to find any differences over and above the allowed tolerances. Proofiler 300, 600, 700 and 1000 are very similar but have larger area flat bed scanners with sizes ranging from A4 to B0, and even larger sizes can be made if required. These are mainly used by printers to aid the press operator to set up his press and for in-process or outgoing quality checks. It can be used for a complete sheet or repeat of labels, patient leaflets, folding cartons, foil for blister packs, flexible film packaging, security printing etc.

The ProofRoller checks the decoration (text and graphics) on a cylindrical object such as a can, canister,  aerosol, bottle or tube. It checks the print against the PDF proof ensuring everything is in accordance with the customer’s order.

The ProofRunner™ is an inline 100% inspection system that can be used for narrow web, wide web and some sheet fed applications. It can be installed for example on a web press, rewinder, slitter or folder gluer. It will check all repeats  against the signed-off customer proof at speeds up to 600 metres per minute.

Proofiler Graphic is used for comparing PDF to PDF, image to image, or PDF to image. It is very similar to the Proofiler but does not have a scanner. It is used mainly in pre-press departments to ensure no unintentional changes have been made during repro. Proofiler Text is  more suited to the artwork stage to compare text between documents with different layouts and but attributes, font hyphenation if required.

To help pharmaceutical companies, printers and artwork or pre-press departments comply with the EU Directive  2004/27 Art. 56a for Braille on pharmaceutical packaging, EyeC’s Braille option  is capable of checking embossed Braille on folding cartons and printed Braille on labels and sleeves.

Just because a barcode can be read by a scanner does not mean it complies with the ISO/CEN requirements. The EyeC Proofiler Barcode Verification option verifies all 1D barcodes and pharmacodes on all repeats against the relevant standard. It can also check 2D codes such as Data matrix, QR and RSS (Databar) codes. Since it checks all codes on a  sheet it is much faster than using a standalone barcode verifier.

Our colour distance measurement tool indicates the differences between two samples in DeltaE. This is especially useful for checking colours during a press set-up, comparing to a previous print run.

Artwork Life Cycle Management controls your printed packaging material from concept to delivery.