Artwork Management

ArtWork Life Cycle Management

The Artwork Management System is a web-based multi-user system with complete features for secure storage, change review procedures, electronic content comparison, and aligned access control, all to be applied on artworks for printed material. Its solution is based on a standardized platform with a globally accessible repository where resources easily can be reached, no paper copies needs to be sent, and all annotations, proofreading and approval is carried out through the electronically stored original. And to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry, the system is developed in compliance to GMP standards.

Content Compare is now available as a stand-alone module for comparing text or graphics between two documents.

The implementation of an Artwork Management System supports the complete artwork process, from development to print, combining the strength of a standardized platform with powerful tools for review, version control, automated proof-reading functions, structured filing and user access. The system has configurable workflows to map the routines within an organization, speeding up the process for developing new artwork and implementing required changes. The fundamental focus lies in minimizing time to market, providing for a user-friendly well integrated solution and increasing quality within work flows of artwork management.

In the regulated industry, authorities and quality standards defines high demands on how records are stored and maintained in electronic archives. The archiving system must comply with requirements for audit trail, electronic signatures, version control etc. InformaIT develops and implements unique solutions that fulfil customer’s requirements for electronic records.