Barcode Verification

Your labels, leaflets or cartons require contain barcodes, Data Matrix, QR  or Databar (RSS) codes and you need to verify them to the ISO/ANSI/CEN standards. EyeC offers a system that can verify multiple barcodes on a sheet both as an option to the Proofiler used for text and graphic inspection and as a standalone unit including scanner, PC and software. So if you use the EyeC Proofiler for checking for content errors and other flaws, you don’t need a separate barcode verifier; alternatively we offer barcode verification as a standalone unit.  If the inspection result does not meet your pre-defined grade, an alarm will be set so you can control and monitor the accuracy of your barcodes. The Proofiler barcode option verifies most commonly used 1D barcodes as well as 2D codes such as Data Matrix, QR and GS1 Databar (RSS ).

In addition to the ISO requirements we also measure the bar width deviation to help you set up bar width reduction on your press.