Braille Inspection

EyeC Proofiler™  Braille Inspection

Whether you are designing, producing or using pharmaceutical packaging you will need at some stage to check that the Braille has correct content, layout and placement  in accordance with Marburg medium. If equipped with the optional Braille Inspection Module the EyeC Proofiler can perform these tasks as well as checking for text errors and other flaws. It can also check height and shape of embossed Braille. Content is checked against the customer PDF proof in virtually any language.

The Braille is checked for:

  • Correct embossing/printing (Braille points where they should be, no Braille Points where there should be none)
  • Quality of embossing/printing quality with the necessary tactility
  • Correct placement in relation to the artwork.

This option works with all Braille embossing and printing. It tests the Braille from the front side of the packaging material, where the tactility is to be guaranteed, not from the backside, where you can easily miss something getting stuck in the cavity of the embossing press! For ease of use the Braille is decoded and displayed as well. The option uses a PDF as proof and the Braille can be set according to   the ECMA-Standard for Braille embossing on Cartons (Braille on a separate page), or on a separate layer or spot colour.

Control and monitor your Braille using the EyeC Proofiler and comply with the laws of the regulated pharmaceutical market!

Inspection and measurement of Braille on pharmaceutical cartons with the EyeC Proofiler