In-line Print Inspection

The EyeC ProofRunner™

The EyeC ProofRunner carries out 100% inline inspection  of your labels, patient information leaflets, cartons, flexible film, security products etc on the press, rewinder, slittter or folder-gluer.  We always check against the PDF proof so you can be sure you are printing the right job the way the customer ordered it. The process is simple and yields accurate results; so you can rest assured that you will print exactly what your customer expects. Inspection results are instantly available and can be used for immediate corrective action. This gives you the means to completely control and monitor your printing process and to reduce scrap.
A very useful feature is colour monitoring you can set multiple test points on the sample and monitor deltaE changes; raising an alarm if the deltaE threshold is breached.

Easy to use
The EyeC ProofRunner™ has been designed with ease of use in mind. Any print machine operator can perform a meaningful inline inspection within minutes.

  • The customer proof is loaded automatically based on the entered job data.
  • All items across the web are automatically identified.
  • Irrelevant areas are automatically disregarded
  • Significant deviations are brought to the operator’s attention.
  • A full job report is instantly available.

We test against the PDF!
Unlike any other inline inspection system on the market, the ProofRunner includes a link to Prepress to make sure every printed item gets ultimately checked against your customer proof, not just a golden template that may or may not be flawless to begin with.

Content errors resulting from mistakes in the preprint-area can be detected like:

  • typos
  • reversed colours in graphical elements
  • wrong font or font attributes (bold, italic etc.)
  • incorrect character spacing
  • missing special characters or accents

The use of different parameter sets allows the EyeC ProofRunner’s™ sensitivity to be adapted to product or customer specific quality standards.

The EyeC ProofRunner™ finds all typical defects such as:

    • missing parts of letters
    • filled in letters
    • hickeys
    • smudges
    • missing ink
    • spots
    • colour deviations

Download the ProofRunner brochure