Off-line Print Inspection

EyeC is dedicated to the packaging industry producing systems that improve the quality of printed materials by checking text, graphics, barcodes (1D and 2D) and Braille against the proof. We offer inline systems for 100% inspection at the printing company and offline systems for  QC checks at the printer and incoming inspection for the pharmaceutical company, food company and branded goods company including toiletries etc.

The Proofiler is an off-line print inspection and proofing system which can be used by a printer for pre-press file to file comparison (compare the print ready file to the signed-off proof), press set-up (comparing the first impressions to the signed-off proof) and outgoing quality checks. The Proofiler may also be used by the printer’s customers for incoming inspection (checking AQL samples against the signed-off proof). It is available  for  inspection of printed sheets sized A3, A2, A1, A0, B1 and B0 or larger. Options are available for Braille checking and barcode verification. It has a superbly simple user interface that an operator can learn in a few minutes.

Using a technique patented by EyeC, the Proofiler uniquely can automatically locate and inspect every ‘up’ in a repeat against the customer signed proof


The ProofRoller is the simple and easy-to use way to inspect your tubes, cans and any other cylindrical objects, such as food and drink cans, canisters for toiletries and round cartons and tubes for whisky bottles etc. No adjustments are necessary, just put them on the system and compare the print on the round object with the signed-off customer proof. This proof can either be a PDF-File or a scanned-in printed proof.

Print on aerosols, tubes, cans and bottles can be inspected without adjusting the system.

The ProofBook automatically feeds pages of a book through a high-speed, high-resolution scanner for automatic comparison to the multi-page PDF proof. This reduces the proofing time dramatically and logs all deviations. This is ideal for checking re-prints of old books, examination papers and manuals.

Proofiler 400 Desktop scanner inspect sheets to A3. Proofiler flatbed scanner non-contact inspect sheets A2 to B0 and beyond

The Proofiler™, ProofBook™ and ProofRoller™ print comparators will catch content errors of any kind, such as:

  • typos
  • wrong font (e.g. ‘Arial’ instead of ‘Helvetica’)
  • undesired bolding or missing special bold fonts
  • incorrect character spacing
  • missing special characters or accents
  • wrong barcode
  • missing features and graphical elements
  • missing character parts

Other flaws present on the inspected sample will be found as well:

  • stains resulting from defective plates
  • filled in letters
  • missing ink
  • spots
  • excessive character growth
  • colour deviations

Print inspection is fast and easy with the EyeC Proofiler™

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