– Security Printing Applications

By its very nature we cannot give too much information on a public website but EyeC has supplied its inspection systems to security printers for applications such

  • bank notes
  • event tickets,
  • tax documents
  • exam papers
  • brand protection
  • anti-counterfeiting
  • phone cards
  • lottery tickets

 Errors in exam papers can cause serious problems

 An exam board failed to send a map to go with an AS level geography paper sat by 6,400 students in 350 schools and colleges on Friday………….

……….A mix-up in the delivery of national tests has led to the postponement of science exams for some teenagers…….

We have supplied standard systems that can check features such as serialisation, hot and cold foil, Data Matrix codes etc, and developed special solutions for watermarks, Holograms and Optically Variable Devices. With our ProofRunner inline inspection system with an optical character recognition (OCR) option we can check for duplicated or missing serial numbers and check for authenticity by looking up other variable data which may be interdependent on the serial number or code. We have offline systems that can check single sheets or complete booklets against a PDF proof making sure that everything that ihas been printed is in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

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